Thursday, March 21, 2013

California sets yet another solar energy benchmark

The state of California is still the nation's clean energy leader- this especially applies to solar energy development within the state. The latest report from this week says that Golden State has managed to cross the benchmark of 1,500 megawatts of installed solar power capacity, which is remarkable feet, especially in relation to solar energy development in other US states.

1500 megawatts of installed solar power capacity is enough to power around 300,000 homes in California. The growth in solar power capacity is also beneficial in warding off climate change and improving state's energy independence by reducing the need for foreign fuel import.

Solar panels are common sight in California. The rapid development of solar energy industry within the state has been one of the main driving forces for not only renewable energy but also for new jobs and cleaner environment. It has been estimated that solar energy industry provides around 40,000 jobs in California.

The report also says that this much megawatts of solar energy even outweighs California’s top four major proposed fossil fuel projects in terms of total capacity.

Solar energy is more popular than ever before. Solar panels, installed on many rooftops in California, do not only help homeowners save money on the long run - it also means that they are actually doing something to protect our environment from climate change threat that seems to be looming larger with each new day.

Once solar energy reaches cost-parity with coal and natural gas it will rule the world, and these traditional energy sources will become obsolete. This day will hopefully come sooner rather than later.