Thursday, February 28, 2013

Energy efficiency is the key to avoid future energy crisis

Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) are traditional energy sources. Not only is burning fossil fuels bad for our environment but these energy sources will not last forever, because they are finite energy resources that will eventually become exhausted. The renewable energy seems like the right solution to replace them on the long-run but our society still needs to make certain steps to avoid future energy crisis.

The recommend steps would no doubt be:

1) Investing more in energy efficiency concepts and technologies because using energy more efficiently can be just as beneficial as finding new ways to produce energy.

2) Modernization of current energy infrastructure. Without modernization there is no progress, and energy is no exception, particularly if our society wants to adapt new clean energy technologies.

3) Reforming regulatory measures to promote efficiency and clean energy. Adequate legislation will attract more investors and also push economy forward.

4) Education of entire society on possible ways to reduce energy waste World leaders must stop ignoring the benefits of energy efficiency. Some recent reports claim that U.S. alone could be using 50% more energy than it uses today by just adopting the right efficiency measures and reduce its energy waste.

Energy efficiency always starts at home from TV's, air conditioners as well as other electrical appliances. Every home is part of a larger energy system which means that our homes need to become more energy efficient. This means running your appliances at the optimal time of the day, and only when you really need them.