Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Obama focuses primarily on solar energy

There are plenty of different renewable energy sources to choose from such as wind and hydropower but for U.S. president Obama solar seems to be the biggest thing of them all.

This was clearly seen at the National Clean Energy Summit, where Obama couldn't stress enough the importance of solar energy. Among other things Obama noted that "solar industry now employs twice as many Americans as mining coal."

This shouldn't come as surprise because his administration already announced series of measures to increase solar power construction, such as additional $1 billion in loan guarantee authority available in a federal program for innovative versions of residential rooftop solar systems.

The biggest effect on making better use of solar power should however come from the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to cut carbon emissions by an average of 32 percent. This recently announced plan should provide incentives for much of those reductions to come from renewable energy projects, and with solar energy industry booming, it is expected to take a frontrunner seat.

Despite the rapid growth of solar energy industry, solar power still provides less than 1 percent of the electricity generated in the United States. In 2014, renewable energy sources provided just 13 percent of the nation’s electricity, meaning that the nation is still heavily dependent upon fossil fuels.

Despite the rapid growth, solar energy industry still has to be wary of inadequate planning. The last thing solar energy industry needs is another failure like Solyndra.

Solar energy offers potential solution against climate change as well as clean electricity.  Solar can certainly make a big difference on national as well as global energy market and having president that understands this is big plus for the entire nation.