Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Energy conservation is important from environmental and economic point of view

Term energy conservation refers to different methods and processes that have the main purpose in reducing the total amount of energy that is currently being used by industry, households and various other sectors of our society.

Energy conservation is important from many different perspectives and not just because saving energy means saving our money by lowering our monthly energy bills (the economic importance of energy conservation). Energy conservation methods are also extremely important from the environmental point of view because we are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and by reducing our energy needs we are also reducing the global level of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and global warming.

Energy conservation will no doubt play even bigger role in years to come. We are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and the energy consumption continues to grow heavily in all parts of the world, particularly with the rise of new economic giants from Asia, namely China and India.

The currently dominant fossil fuels are finite energy resources that will eventually become depleted and in this sense energy conservation is of vital importance to ensure reliability of future energy delivery, at least until the time when renewable energy industry will mature enough to replace fossil fuel fired power plants.

There are various ways on which you can contribute to energy conservation. You can, for instance, contribute to global energy conservation efforts by not always using your car, instead choosing either walking or riding the bike. Also, when buying new devices for your household, make sure that they are energy efficient devices because energy efficiency plays extremely important role in energy conservation.

The ever-increasing demand for more and more energy is in most cases satisfied with the increased energy production and countries often tend to forget about energy conservation methods as a more logical solution to satisfy increased energy demand.

Energy conservation is at this point much better solution than increased energy production, especially because increased energy production means even more fossil fuels, and even bigger dependence on foreign fuel import. The continuous dependence on foreign fuel import deteriorates our future energy security and makes us vulnerable to volatile oil prices.

The environmental condition of our planet is getting worse with each new day so don't forget that energy conservation does not only help reduce our energy bills, it also helps our environment.