Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Renewable energy use continues to grow in UK

UK continues to push for more renewable energy as country tends to become important player on global renewable energy map.

According to recent official numbers UK has increased its electricity generation from renewable energy sources in 2012, as compared to 2011. In 2011, renewable energy accounted for approximately 9.4 of total UK electricity generation, while in 2012 percentage climbed to 11.3 %, almost 20% increase as compared to previous year.

The more specific numbers show that in 2012 UK managed to achieve 27 % increase in onshore wind capacity, 63 % increase in offshore wind capacity, and solar photovoltaic capacity increasing by 71 per cent,

Wind energy sector is still regarded as the most important renewable energy sector in the UK as the country still leads the world in offshore wind energy development.

The official report also pointed that UK primary energy consumption grew in 2012 by 2.1 %, largely due to the cold winter of 2012.

The focus on low carbon technologies is becoming a global trend and UK is doing its share to make the transformation to clean energy sources achievable in years to come.